This is Dominic’s Story, and of course, Dominic’s parents’ stories all along with it.

As you do these days, when I found myself faced with a newborn baby with so very many medical problems (or co-morbidties as they say in the industry) I turned to the internet for help. I did find help – but it was all over the place, so I decided to write about everything I wanted to find all in the one place.You never know – maybe it will help someone else!

It’s really hard managing a complicated baby, multiple hospitals, multidisciplinary teams that don’t really talk to each other, a minefield of medication… and of course all of the normal baby stuff on top.

What I’m aiming to write about is how it feels to be mum, the technical medical side – a glossary of terms if nothing else! Dominic’s journey through all of this, the medical progression and his general development and finally, I’d like to try and bring all the other places where you can get information together. Maybe even set up a forum where anyone effected with a poorly baby can share their stories, because it’s so important to know you’re not on your own – somedays its the only thing that keeps you sane.

Lets see how it goes…

Dominic’s Mum