Cots, Cribs and Carpentry

Dominic is incredibly privileged to have a very talented grandpa who has made him both a beautiful rocking crib and a cot… and as we have just done the great crib to cot transition – I thought I’d write a little about them in case anyone wanted to put in any orders 😉.

Fair warning though… my sister is about to have twins so you’ve got to join the queue!

The crib was perfect for when we eventually got Dominic home. It was that happy light wood that looks warm and inviting. It rocked itself with the gentlest of pushes and, most importantly, Dominic loved it. He loved it so much he’s been in it for 6 months!

Now, however, he has done his transition into the BIG COT. Which genuinely looks HUGE in comparison to him! When he first got in it – I have never seen such a big smile! Someone definitely liked his new space!

Made out of the same wood as the crib – but this time with a garish car theme thinks is the best thing since sliced bread. Grandpa even made a little removable ladder to help mummy lift him out when he gets older and heavier.

Thank you Grandpa!

Lots of love

Dominic xxx


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