Rhymetime at the Library


I order to celebrate our WE ARE NOT IN HOSPITAL TODAY day yesterday – Dominic and I decided to try out Rhymetime at our local library. After swimming not ending in tears, and infection or another trip to the hospital – I was feeling that maybe Dominic was now at well enough to attempt socialising with the general public.

We arrived 10 minutes early which was a good decision, if only to ensure my buggy was parked out of the way. On time meant pretty much abandoning it by a random book stack.

The children’s section of the library is different from what I remember as a child – it’s much much bigger, airier and more colourful. It is also gated to prevent the more mischievous attendees escaping.

There are beanbags, those foam mats I remember from gym – although much prettier and more colourful versions, and of course – lots of books!

There were more people than I expected – at least 20 pairs of mum/carer + baby. Babies ranging from tiny tiny to 2. Everyone was very friendly and happy and willing to participate.

The session started with the Health and Safety stuff to make sure the library is absolved of any fault in case of my own stupidity… a register of attendees and then the funniest thing I have heard in a while – the learning points of the session. Because they are regulated by ofsted, there has to be a learning point. Personally, I am quite happy for the learning point to be ‘how to clap’ or ‘how to not freak out at being held up in the air’ or ‘how to shake a rattle as opposed to attempt to eat it’ … Dominic is 6 months old, it’s more important to me for him to be able to socialise than count 😊

Then we had a full on half an hour of nursery rhymes. It was constant – which was awesome, although honestly I’d have liked to do some more than once or twice so I could learn them a bit better! They’ve all changed a bit from what I remember as a child – Row Row Row Your Boat now has a Lion in it, a Polar Bear, a rubber duck…. and probably something else I’ve forgotten!

It was really nice to be in an environment where everyone sang (the bits they knew or could work out the words and tune to) and where all the babies were happy! Sure, there were wrigglers and sqwakers- but there were no tears.

Both Dominic and I really enjoyed ourselves. Best of all… all the excitement afforded me a nice long Dominic nap afterwards so I could also go and have a cup of coffee with one of my mum friends without grabby hands and grisly jealous sqwaking.

Will definitely be going back next week! see below for details:

Rhymetime at Northamptonshire Libraries
Oh, and child safeguarding means no photos – so I picked one of Dominic doing a model pose instead πŸ˜„


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