A Good Week


Yes, we are back at JR for another MLB – however… post emergency surgery last week Dominic has been soooo much better! To the point of almost being a completely different baby! Also, I tend to only write about the dramatic medical things – so it’s nice for me to update you that actually, last week was wonderful.

The day we came home, he slept all night – 12hours and although that hasn’t continued… he is genuinely sleeping at least 6-8 hours at night now with a couple of solid naps during the day.

He has also started playing – properly! Entertaining himself with his toys, rolling over, chatting away… something that could perhaps be classed as ‘singing’ although with no discernible tune… mostly it’s just a very earnest long wail that lasts up to a minute at a time.

We also took him swimming! This, I was incredibly nervous about. The whole prospect of putting his ureterostomy into chlorinated water freaked me out. However, touch wood, he seems absolutely fine and he loved it! He was in the water for 45 minutes and showed no sign of wanting to get out – he didn’t bother about the waves, he just people watched and sat happily floating in his (proportionally ginormous) inflatable. It was awesome!

I have been checking the stoma quite often since, and it is still as healthy as it was with no signs of irritation or infection. Physics says that it should be fine because it’s a positive pressure – but my brain still struggles with the idea that the water doesn’t still get in the other way… it is a hole in his side after all…

So anyway, procedure 17 today (if we make it out of this ridiculous traffic jam and get there any time soon). I’ll let you know how it goes!



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