Blue lights, sirens, emergency airway surgery


Last night James took Dominic into our local hospital because he was in respiratory distress. Full on sternum recession, intercostal recession, tug under the chin and nasal flaring.

He went into Resus, was put on CPAP, then octiflo, but none of it has made any difference to the distress.

The local hospital called the on-call ENT consultant who, thank god, happened to be Aunty Penny. She said blue lights to John Radcliffe PHDU.

After some argy-Bargy about optiflo equipment and wheels on stands in ambulances, we left NGH at about midday… forgetting all of Dominic’s medicines (naturally) and leaving them in the NGH fridge.

Dominic then proceeded to do zero-symptom-baby again for the paramedics and the 40 minute wailing siren journey to Oxford was wonderously uneventful.

Met dad at PHDU. Dominic was immediately and continuously tachycardic from that point on.

Aunty Penny came out of surgery and saw Dominic at 3.30 – she would have preferred to wait for uncle Tim and to do any surgery tomorrow… but Dominic is not right.

4.08pm and we are leaving him in theatre. We didn’t even get to say night night to him as he was just whisked through the anaesthetic room straight into the theatre.

5.23pm he’s out and in recovery.

Apparently he’s grown himself a new laryngeal web… go Dominic! Arrrrrggghhhh….

And finally, we still can’t feed him until ENT come round and say it’s ok, he’s also withdrawing from something so he can’t fall asleep without twitching himself awake… and we have nowhere to sleep but the plastic visitor chairs tonight….

But – he’s safe, his breathing is soooo much better and I see hope for a positive start to the week 🙂

Regardless of whether we get to go home or not he’ll be back in surgery again next Monday so we can go through it alllll again.

Oh, and today he is 6 months old. Surgery number 16. Happy birthday Dominic! 


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