One thing after another, after another…


Dom is doing better. The tamazipam has stopped all the horrible withdrawal symptoms from the medazalam so he is now able to sleep. He has stopped having spasms, he can be put down again… life has become more manageable.

Especially as last night a doctor prescribed me a sleeping tablet and I slept too! 8 whole hours!

Anyway, he was supposed to have another MLB today but it was cancelled. It’s next Monday instead. It’s one of those things, I totally get it – i mean, they cancelled a whole days surgeries a few weeks ago just to do Doms airway reconstruction. This is just our turn to be bumped. 

Also, he has an infection from his femeral line. I’m not surprised. It was in for 2 weeks. It’s the Staff Epidermi….. thing – the skin one. So. More antibiotics. Upside, he has had the canular out of his scalp and put back into his right hand so at least a) I don’t get smacked in the face with a plastic cup every time I put him on my shoulder and b) he can lie on his back if he wants to.

Another thing with the infection – we can’t leave the hospital until it’s gone. Can’t transfer to Northampton either. It makes sense when you think about it but it still means we are here for at least another 10 days.

The weaning / withdrawal should be completed in the next 5-7 days… but as we have another MLB on the Monday, we’ll be in and on steroids for 48 hours + 24hours clear of steroids. So. 10 more days. If nothing else happens.

Dad is taking over tonight and I am going home for a bubble bath and to have a search around for some of my lost marbles.

Today is day 21. Here we enter week 4.


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