Hernia Surgery

Dominic has been quite stable over the last couple of days, wriggly (as always) but absolutely fine. He spiked a couple of temperatures – but he is on antibiotics and … well… he spent 5 hours being sliced and diced on Monday, I think even I would have some sort of immune response to that kind of trauma.
They did grow a virus eventually with their cultures, but it wasn’t anything exciting. It wasn’t even something that should have resulted in bronchiolitis which gives you an idea just how bad his airways were.

The next hurdle has been whether or not he has been fit enough to go to surgery tomorrow for his hernia repair.

Penny was a resolute no at the beginning of the week, but she has mellowed a bit because he’s doing ok and so I signed the consent forms earlier.

The biggest issue is simply moving him from PICU to the surgical suites. Lumpy bumpy corridors are not great for little people with tubes down their airways and new tissue grafts. However, tomorrow will be day 4 and he is doing ok. 

It will be better for Dominic to get all these things done while he is here, rather than leave it 3 months to come back. We can’t be intubation he and extubating him for 3 months after this… his airway needs to properly heal first. Therefore… better to do the surgery while he’s already intubated now.

So, right ingenuial hernia (may not have spelled that right). They pop it back in with a “squelch, plop” (it’s really gross) make a small incision in his groin, sort out the hernia sack and sew it all back into the right place. All while avoiding his testicles and other important manly bits. 

It’s a 45minute surgery, or maybe a bit longer because he’s so small – but nothing like what he went through on Monday. 

Hopefully he’ll be early on the list so he is not too hangry….. 


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