The Current Plan


Just so this has some context – it’s 1am.

Over the weekend Dominic’s temperature has stabilised. His X-rays are still coming back with a considerable amount of secretions present, but we think he has fought off whatever it was.

All of the cultures (viral and bacterial) came back negative which means he didn’t have anything ‘common’.

The current thinking is that Dominic has a good cough, but his airways are so compromised and small that he just can’t cough the gloopy stuff up. This means, the sooner they dive in and do the reconstruction- the better.

So… tomorrow (well today) they will cancel all of their elective day surgeries and do Dominic. There is one little boy before Dom who had this done last week and needs the week-after-tidy up, but they expect to take him in at 10 for 5 hours.

I will explain my understanding of what they’re going to do now, but I’ll update later when we go through the final consent forms if I’ve got anything wrong.

After Dominic is out they will make an incision in the front of his throat under his voice box – basically give him a tracheostomy. They will then have a look for some material / cartilage to work with – either from his Adam’s apple (which has got to be pretty tiny right now) or from a nice looking rib. Something oddly biblical about both of those options lol 😂 

Then… it’s slice and replace the stenosis or narrowing with a graft from either of those places.

It all sounds very simple… but your dealing in millimetres, in an airway… it’s not like you can close it off to cut a hole then sew it up. Dominic has to still be able to breathe through all of this.

All I can say is I am glad it is team Penny and Tim doing this tomorrow. I’m not sure I would trust anyone else to do this. 

5 hours under GA. he’s not even 5 months old yet 😢

At least he’s sleeping peacefully at the moment. He’s going to need the rest.

And I’m not going to sleep at all until he’s out and recovering.


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  1. kimberley Morby says:

    I hope all goes well for for little Dominic, thinking of you all xxx

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