5 hours 10 minutes Later…


He’s out and back in PICU.

The surgery went well. They took the graft from his throat so there was no need for an incision in his rib and apparently his cricoid was more than twice as thick as it should have been.

We are now up to a 4.5 tube through the nose which looks GINORMOUS given he’s only ever had 2.5s and 3s before.

Initially they had a 4 down, but he was leaking air so they upsized to a 4.5.

Now he has just got to heal himself before he goes back into surgery next Monday for a tidy up. And no post op temperatures or infections please either!

He is going to be on paralytics for a couple of days so he doesn’t wriggle anything out of place, then they will slowly bring him around.

Having the tube through the nose, not the mouth, means it bypasses his gag reflex so he should be more comfortable being more awake.

James and I are going to sleep now. After Ive counted my new grey hairs.


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