PICU John Radcliffe


Not exactly a photo that brings back pleasant memories…

So, yesterday, we decided to put Dominic on a ventilator and sedate him before he became an emergency at some horrible hour in the morning. It’s just a fact that it’s easier to deal with significantly bad airways and poorly babies during the daytime when there are more consultants available.

It was Tim, our favourite anaesthetist, that put him to sleep and put the first 2.5 tube down. Then it was Penny’s counterpart (senior ENT consultant) who put down a 3.0 tube. It was a tight fit, but it means that the swelling from the MLB has gone down. Some good news!

While they did this, they put us in a cupboard and I pretty much just passed out. It would be no lie to say you could see right through me yesterday. Having had maybe 10 hours sleep since Sunday night and 0 in the previous 36 hours – I was like the walking dead.

Noticing that Dad and I were going to fall over, and that there are 7 families on the waiting list for Ronald Macdonald House… they have us keys to the attic of the hospital (no joke) where there are some very small sparse cabin rooms – the ones on call and double shift Drs use. Suffice to say I was out by 9pm, and the cold I thought I was getting appears to have just been my body telling me to GO TO SLEEP.

Getting a cold now would literally be the worst thing that could happen because I won’t be able to see Dominic. At all. For his own safety. 

Suffice to say, as I was blowing my nose yesterday and sobbing for England – that was what I was most worried about. Which is not particularly logical because it’s not like I can do anything to help now he is out. 

So, this morning I was up at 5.30am – quick brush of the teeth and stealth manoeuvre out of the room to go check in with the nights staff and find out what happened overnight.

Last Night

Dominic had a temperature all night. 38.4 degrees. His viral cultures for RSV and Flu were negative so they’ve sent off another set to do a wider array and see if they can pin point what it is. (He’s up to date with his paluvisumab jabs so I didn’t think it would be them anyway).

He is now on broad spec antibiotics anyway to start fighting whatever it is.

The nurse looking after him has had to suction him a lot over night. He has a pretty large amount of goopy secretions on his lungs. The physio will be back later on today with the magic tapping to help him clear it a bit more.

The bloods I have seen show a deterioration in kidney function, but it’s not dreadful- and they were only blood gases so are not completely accurate. A set of full bloods has been sent off and we await the results.

The day team will liaise with GOSH later to let them know what’s going on and give them the opportunity to alter his meds/electrolyte balance if they think it’s necessary.

It’s not really a surprise to me, because he hasn’t been eating properly and he has an infection… he isn’t well. But we must protect the kidney at all times. 

His 7am temperature is down to 37.3 degrees. Yay! So we can swaddle him back up and turn off the fan – the paracetamol is working now.

Also, we needed to give him a little more morphine to settle him down again as when he wakes up he gets somewhat angry and cross at all the pipes. Plus, he shouldn’t really be waking up at all… the idea is for him to sleep through all of this trauma and wake up better.



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