Post Op MLB so far…

It’s 4.30am. Neither of us have slept, nor has little Dominic really.

Since Monday he has been on steroids to help reduce swelling in his airways – unfortunately this just doesn’t seem to be making him better. His breathing is still severely restricted.

Not being able to breathe properly is making him incredibly tired very quickly, he can’t drink his milk properly and he pretty much can’t tolerate being in any other position than flat on his stomach.

Currently, we’ve turned on the oxygen mask and laid it in front of his nose to help him sleep and stop him gasping for breath. He has a mild stridor still even asleep and in this position.

I have seen both the ENT on call dr and the Intensive care dr multiple times this evening as they um and err about whether or not he needs to go down to a critical care ward. So far – we seem to be managing here, although we’ve stopped the idea of weaning down the steroids tomorrow morning. It’s just too much of a risk, and there is no chance of him going home anytime soon anyway.

And I wish they’d stop turning of the oxygen just to see what happens… it’s just mean.

8am update – we’re now in the PHDU, he’s getting a IV line and an NG tube… but we’re not feeding him in case he needs to go into surgery today. But that’s unlikely because I think he has bronchiolitis…


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