MLB – Outcome of Surgery


So, having spoken to the consultant and pulled myself back together again I think I’m ok to explain what they saw and what are options are.

Before I start, I want to say that this set of options really upset me. I can admit to being an emotional wreck anyway with the  general stress and watching my baby cough and hack completely hoarse and in pain – but he just doesn’t seem to get a break with all the medical procedures and surgeries.

I will also post up the MLB photos – I know that 99% of you won’t have a clue what you’re looking at and the other 1% will tell me I’ve got it wrong when I attempt to explain (because there’s no guarantee that I understood fully what I was told) but if any random person comes across this looking for what an MLB is all about – at least they’ll have an idea what they’ll be looking at post op 😊

Ok… so… how bad are Dominic’s airways? There is a standard scale (as always) from 1 – 4. Where 1 is ‘mild obstruction’ and 4 is ‘completely closed off’.

Dominic is a grade 3 stenosis. But more at the 2 end than the 4 end – around the 70% obstruction mark. This time at the MLB they were only able to pass a 2.5mm tube. At his age it should be 4.5mm.

The Options

Watch and wait – a favourite of the medical profession, but in this case, if Dominic gets a cold he could die. Sounds like an exaggeration but see previous 999 post.

Tracheostomy- for those that don’t know, put a hole through his throat for him to breathe through

Airway Reconstruction- take cartilage from his rib and re build his airways.

That’s the choices.

1 sounds like a gamblers nightmare

2 – he already has one hole in his side that he pees out of, and would require point 3 when he is 2 or 3 anyway

3 – requires 2 weeks in hospital ITU, 2 operations and may need re doing again later down the line.

Right now. I think I’m just going to sleep on it.



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