MLB – ENT surgery

The day started at 4.30am. The point where I woke Dominic up to have his last feed before surgery. He did go back to sleep for an hour, but during that time I had to pack the bags ready to leave at 6am so in my opinion, the day still started at 4.30am.

Check in for Robins Ward is 7.30am. It’s all very organised – you go into the TDA area (theatre direct admissions) and the receptionist tells you which colour chairs to sit on. Today we were the blue chairs because we were up first.

Next you fill in the diversity questionnaire and have a chat with the play specialist, nurse and anaesthetist. Our anaesthetist is Tim, Tim has anaesthetised Dominic for all his operations at JR so far – he knows Dominic really well.

Then you have ‘The Chat’ with the consultant or registrar and sign the consent form.

Finally Dominic gets a jab of atropine and we wait for 45minutes for it to take effect.

Unfortunately today Dominic has a raised temperature of 37.7 degrees, so if his temperature spiked after the atropine… it would be all over for surgery today. Luckily it went down to 37.6… although his little feet were bright red and boiling!

We had to put Dominic in his mini hospital gown (and do a nappy / pad change to make him more comfortable) then it was a horrendously long 15 minute wait before we were called to the theatre. My poor baby was starving by this point!

It was James’s turn to go into the anaesthetic room and sit with Dominic while they put the mask over him and sent him to sleep. (We take it in turns) then wandered back up to the ward to dump our stuff at our cot / pod where we will spend at least tonight.

And so began the interminable wait for Dominic to come out of theatre. Aided by a cup of tea and sausage sandwich from M&S.

2 hours later and I went down to collect Dominic from theatre recovery. Bright pink from an adult warming blanket and adrenaline nebs, and obviously – apoplectic with rage from not being fed!

Back up on the ward, fed, all questionnaires completed and medicines handed over… we wait until end of day (6/7pm) to find out what happened in theatre.

Good sign though – he doesn’t sound nearly as bad as the failed MRI intubation! Shame they’ve put the Canula on the hand he likes to suck his fingers on though…. 😔


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