The Standard Immunisations


I go on a lot about the extra-ordinary things we do with Dominic, but we still have all the normal stuff and normal problems too. Perhaps, unfairly, they just seem too minor to write about! However, some of the normal things are just as traumatic.

Dominic is poked with needles constantly. Even I have a go once a week. The special Synagis jab to fight the common cough / cold bronchiolitis infections over winter is definitely the most painful for him, but it’s the meningitis B that makes him sick and inconsolable.

Suffice to say, we had that one again this week. Thursday afternoon and evening was spent trying everything to calm down an apoplectic baby who clearly felt absolutely dreadful. And, bless him, Dominic goes through a lot so to behave this way means he really really really doesn’t feel very well!

We had screaming, flailing, a fever, an inconsolable tantrum ending in Vomiting, and then the inevitable sore hoarse throat… he was also ridiculously over tired from the day at GOSH which doesn’t help matters.

The list of things we tried (in no particular order, each probably attempted at least 6/7 times each)

  • Talking
  • Distracting with toys / silly noises
  • Cuddling
  • Walking round and round and round
  • Rocking
  • Offering food
  • Calpol / infant paracetamol 
  • Swapping between mummy and daddy
  • Changing nappy / pad
  • Undressing (as got so hot with all the flailing and screaming)
  • Sitting with him on the bed and seeing if he can settle him self (epic fail)

Finally, I gave up. Undress, cotton sheet… and firmly swaddle. It is one of those things that they do in hospital, but that you are told not to do at home (along with nests) – I can’t remember why swaddling is bad… Dominic loves it, I think he feels all safe and secure. Anyhoo, calpol is easier to give when his arms and hands are out the way and then within 10 minutes he was fast asleep. Thank god.

He slept for 3 hours before waking up starving – but once he was fed he returned to normal Dominic again. Cooed for an hour then grisled himself back to sleep in my arms. 

Then it was dads shift and I fell asleep, completely out cold – I can’t even explain how draining that whole episode was, however if you’re reading this and have children I won’t need to!


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