First working day of 2017


So, here we go again!

Having taken an incredibly well deserved break over Christmas – no appointments, no hospitals and no emergencies! We begin the rat race again today.

First things first – as we decide to leave to get the train to GOSH James decides now is the perfect moment to faff with the new bit of pram… suffice to say this ended with several cross words and literally running to the station so as not to miss the train… grrrrrrrr…. however, we made it! Whoop! Now I can chill out a bit and get rid of my grumpiness.

Day 1 2017 To Do List

  1. Book routine 4 month immunisation jabs for current week
  2. Alter local hospital clinic appointment as now clashes with hernia surgery
  3. Alter general surgery clinic appointment at GOSH as clashes with Airway surgery
  4. Book February synagis jab – last one!
  5. Book train tickets
  6. Fill in GMC accreditation survey for JR surgeon
  7. Pick up prescriptions
  8. Go back and pick up the prescriptions they didn’t order
  9. Attend local hospital for January synagis jab
  10. Respond to emails from various medical secretaries

This was yesterday. I joked before that I was my sons PA… but seriously – look at that!!

Today is an easier day as we are just at GOSH. We have Nephrology clinic this morning. I’m quite looking forward to this as Dominic has actually put on some weight over Christmas so we might not get told off! (Which routinely happens, but – apart from feeding him, there really isn’t a lot I can do to make Dominic grow).

After, we will go to the vampire clinic as usual. Then after that we have an ultrasound for Urology. This will not require anaesthetic so we shouldn’t have too much trauma apart from the fact they booked the appointment time 20 mins before the Urology clinic appointment…. our first one… to be fair, they are usually pretty on it in radiology but if they are running late it’s going to be another mad dash from the hospital to the royal institute next door.

To be fair, as long as we don’t have to go to the pharmacy today should be an ok day. Although… we need some more Epo jabs if Dominic is still to have them and they don’t let you get hypodermics from anywhere but the hospital. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see with that one.

Happy new year!!


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