Post Incident Admin


One of the things about any sort of incident with Dominic is that the aftermath admin is ridiculous. I’ve written before about the difficulty about having specialists at 3 different hospitals – but this is where that really falls apart.

So, in the last month Dominic was quite ill with Vomiting Bug, cold / bronchiolitis on top of all the other stuff. This meant we missed appointments – namely the original MRI date at GOSH and his MLB at JR.

You can imagine the pain it is getting a bed in hospital at this time of year, when you ring up and say you can’t come there is almost a sigh of relief on the end of the phone… but it’s just postponing the problem. Re booking is a pain for everyone. 

The MRI at GOSH was sorted within a week… the MLB at JR was not. There is a bed crisis everywhere, but JR is on black. 

So, we go to GOSH first and they damage Dominic’s airways. Now we have this situation where I am refusing to sign anymore consent forms until the MLB is done but no one knows when it can be done… Doms next op is in just over 4 weeks, and you’ve got to lose 2 of those to Christmas.

So… out go all the emails and phone calls to the consultants secretaries. Please may I have:

  • A new date
  • Confirmation a paediatric ENT person will be present for the next intubation
  • The photos of Dominic’s airways from his last MLB 

Along with photos of the letter from the anaesthetist and a detailed description of what happened – using all the correct medical terms in all the right places šŸ˜‚

And now… we wait and see what happens next! We await responses from 3 separate hospitals and 5 consultants, then consolidate all the responses and let everyone know what’s going on. 

I’d really like my own secretary… life would be so much easier!


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