The Patient Hotel

So tonight we are residents at the patient hotel – a building right opposite the hospital for parents and patients who live outside of London and are day cases.

Tomorrow morning Dominic has an MRI and will need to be admitted to be put under general anaesthetic – we have to book in on the ward at 7.30am… hence staying overnight tonight. No one needs to take a starved baby on a 5am train to London…

I have to be honest, I was kind of expecting another bedsit but actually it is really quite nice. The room is large – 3 single beds and a travel cot for Dom. There is a large bathroom and a fridge. There isn’t a kettle, you have to make the beds up yourself and the decor is definitely hospital ward chic… but it’s clean, warm (after you’ve worked out the heating) and the beds have real mattresses. No camp bed disasters here 😊

There is a communal kitchen on each floor for the rooms on that floor (there are 7 floors) – and it’s a proper kitchen. Full cutlery and crockery, pots and pans – including knives that are still sharp enough to use, oven, dishwasher, microwave, the missing kettle… etc… there’s also a canteen area to eat in and a sofa area with a TV and some children’s toys. All against a windowed wall so you can see out to London. 

The only thing that made me laugh was £10 deposit for a room key (that’s fine) and £10 deposit for a TV remote 😂 given that we don’t even have a TV at home (who needs one these days with the internet?) we didn’t partake with that one. I just can’t quite work out what has made them need to take deposits for TV remotes … I mean… who steals a TV remote? Or vandalises one?!

Anyhoo, that’s my excitement for the evening – time to put on a film and curl up with Dom… before I have to start starving him… 😢


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