The Winter Vomiting Bug


Or the ‘End of the World’ as it should be known.

So 5.30am and I finally admit defeat,we’re not going to be making it to Oxford for Dominic’s surgery today. Fair play to me though, I made sure his last feed was before 4.30am, gave him some water, changed him, got him dressed, packed the bags, got out the medicines, packed my overnight bag… then he spewed up at least 5 times as much fluid than he has ever drank in his life, as James poked his head around the bathroom door: ‘I don’t feel very w…’ (he never made the whole sentence).

Given that I had this horrible horrible bug on Friday, I can honestly say I was a little relieved not to be going into hospital today to pick up something else – because the chances are, that’s where we’ve all got this one.

So.. here are my top tips for surviving the evil v&d 

  1. Imodium instants – they dissolve on your tongue so you don’t have to try and keep them down for them to work AND then you’re only dealing with the throwing up issue
  2. Try to keep hydrated. Rehydration salts taste rank but they really do work, and if you haven’t managed to keep even water down for a few hours… they’re kind of necessary 
  3. Industrial strength antibacterial wipes. Alcohol gel DOES NOT KILL norovirus – don’t rely on it, wash your hands as often as possible
  4. Go to bed. Sleep. Wake up when you feel better. The less you remember of this, the better

For more information – I found this site depressing but useful:

Winter Vomiting Bug
Good luck! Remember to quarantine yourself for 48hours after symptoms go away to make sure your still not contagious 😷 


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