Hospital Bag

So… I now have a prepacked hospital bag, well 2… The amount of times we’ve ‘just been popping in’ and ended up hospital hostages is too many to count, and in an emergency we’re pretty good at picking up everything Dominic needs and completely useless at bringing anything for us.

For Dominic:

To be fair, the changing bag is always well supplied with nappies and pads for him but it’s the rest of the stuff:

  • Meds
  • Steralised bottles
  • Ready measured formula
  • PJs / Babygrows (day clothes are just too faffy)
  • Zeebs (Cuddly toy zebra)
  • Favourite soft blanket
  • Multiple muslin cloths
  • My folder of Dom’s notes (seriously, life would be impossible without it)

For Us:

This is really important – I find that my morale and general ability to cope improves greatly if I am organised and have some food with me:

  • Crisps, chocolate bars, can of coke / bottle of sports lucozade
  • Plastic mugs with lids on (you’re not allowed open hot drinks on a children’s ward)
  • 2 T shirts each (you’ll either be hot and gross or puked on at some point)
  • Laptop / Ipad with films on… it’s a looooooooong night and you don’t manage to get any proper sleep
  • Mobile phone. Might be stating the obvious but it is the only connection to real life you have

I will continue to update this list as i streamline it as I go.

One more thing – bring PJ bottoms. Jeans crease and crinkle in your legs making them all dead and stiff. This applies even if you’re not in overnight – there is no such thing as a comfortable chair in the ward!


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