Open Access


As we’re back again…

One of the things that I had no idea existed, but that I am so incredibly grateful for, is open access to the paediatric ward at my local hospital. 

Dominic is such a medically complicated baby that even the smallest thing (mild fever, any respitory distress, inconsolable crying) could indicate something… bad. For us, worst case scenario is a UTI with his single compromised kidney, or a cold with a discernible stridor indicated a narrowing of his airways again.

If we are worried about anything we can go in at anytime, day or night.

So far, we’ve been in 4 times (well it was yesterday – now it’s 5)

1. The Renastart formula incident. Dominic could not tolerate this formula at all. He was screaming constantly. Massive explosive gastric wind and poo – he was in pain

2. Bleeding from the centre of his urostomy- instant alarm bells, end of the world UTI. Straight in. Protect the kidney at all costs.

3. Bit of a mucus cough – early bronchiolitis 


4. 999 Blue light choking – on – mucus incident

5. As 4 but without the need for emergency services

On all of these occasions our local hospital have been amazing. The staff are kind and considerate which means the world to a distressed parent. You go to hospital expecting professional competence and for them to fix your child – you don’t expect to be offered tea and toast and a blanket and looked after just as well.

The other thing about open access is you do tend to get to know other parents.. no ones child has the same thing as another – but you can identify a parent at 100 yards: grey, ratty hair, suitcases under the eyes and a slightly demented glint in their eye from being  awake since the last time ‘time’ had any sort of meaning…. and every parent uses the same black completely inappropriate humour in the parents room (where the tea and toaster is). It is impossible to offend a long term resident parent. In fact… i might even write a whole blog on inappropriate resident parent behaviour because it is hilarious! Although … not being one of us… there’s a good chance you’ll all be horrified lol 😂


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