So, last night was our first emergency 999 call. I’m writing this from the children’s ward roughly about 4 hours later where you would never know there was anything wrong with Dom by looking at him! (So, spoiler alert – we’re all fine :-))

3.30am (isn’t it always? No one ever seems to have an emergency at a reasonable 10am sort of time) Dom started drowning. He has had a cold for a couple of weeks, but within himself he is fine – smiling giggling etc.. but he has got a real snot problem. He produces epic amounts of mucus that he just can’t shift. He has taken to making himself sick to help clear it. Last night, however, he couldn’t.

To surmise what happened without really knowing – I think (as do medical professionals we floated the idea at) that the mucus had settled in his laryngeal web and clotted it. Not being able to cough it out, he just started choking on it.

I would say I noticed within 5 seconds that it was not a normal cry and gasp, James was awake in 10 seconds and 999 had been dialled within a minute. I’ve seen blue floppy Dominic and this was where this was heading, no question. 

2 paramedics in a car turned up within 5 minutes and suctioned the most ginormous amount of mucus out of Dominic’s throat was we’ve ever witnessed – it was massive! All four of us in the room were going ‘Jesus Christ…’ and staring from tiny Dominic to epic mucus volumes and back again. At that point the ambulance turned up and 2 more paramedics came in to help and transfer us to the hospital.

To be honest, pretty much instantaneously Dominic was fine. His crying sounded clearer, he was pasty and see through like a ghost – but he just smiled up at daddy as if to say ‘daddy fixed it’ then fell asleep.

We then went in the ambulance straight to the children’s ward on our open access and I’m not kidding – he’s been asleep, innocent and angelic for the last couple of hours.

Hopefully it won’t be long before we’re home 🙂 


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